Migration Rules in Delhi University

Updated on: Feb 13, 2013
"Migration is a concept that works best for those who don't mind burning the midnight oil when one's classmates are enjoying the ever-so beautiful college life".

The escalating trends in the cut-off lists of Delhi University can often result in missing out on the course and college of one's preference. Many of those who are unable to get admission in any of the top colleges of DU can go for the option of correspondence studies.

The key is simple, working hard in the first year of college and thereafter migrating to a regular college. Migration can definitely prove to be a solace for students with lesser scores looking for admissions in the better-off colleges at DU.

For example, a student wanting to pursue B.Com (Hons) may fall short of the cut-off in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College but can get a seat in Aurobindo College as the cut-offs are comparatively lower. While it may not be the original choice of the student, he/she can take admission in Aurobindo initially.

A student can migrate from one college to another or from one course to another course in the same college or in another college. It can also be from correspondence to regular course.

A student cannot migrate in the first year of graduation but in the second or third year students can migrate.

The availability of seats in a particular course of the college and the individual marks determines whether a student is eligible to migrate to a particular college or not. Moreover, the percentage required for migration differs from college to college and from course to course.

Important Notes

  • A student cannot migrate from a Pass course to Honours course but can migrate from an Honours course to a Pass course.
  • Migration is only a permissive facility at DU and not an obligatory one.
  • Each migration is subject to the approval of the Academic Council of the University on individual merits of each case.
  • No Inter-University migration is allowed to II or III year B.Sc. (Hons) Courses.
  • Migration is generally not allowed in any of the Honours courses by the University of Delhi. However, in case of exceptionally meritorious students the same can be considered within the span of five years from the date of admission at the University. Such admissions / transfers are subject to approval of the Academic Council of the University on individual merit of each case.
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