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Ajay Verma Publications (New Delhi)

Updated on: Jul 14, 2015

AJAY VERMA PUBLICATIONS has been set up by CA. AJAY VERMA in the year 1987, who is commerce graduate from Delhi University and Chartered Accountant by profession.

Ajay Verma Publications gives students guidelines as to how to successfully pass Company Secretary (CS) Examinations. These are based on the experience of several students who have consulted its books. "The points are not exhaustive, and you need to evolve a study plan that is best suited to you. However, any plan must adequately cover these points", says CA Ajay Verma.

First of all start early. It is a normal tendency of several students to put off their study efforts endlessly. This leads to accumulation of the studies required to render them unmanageable. The sooner you start the better will be your preparation. Do not waste even a single day.

Secondly, it is also a tendency of the student to cram subject but this is not the solution. The ultimate object is fundamental clarity of the subject, so don’t cram any subject it will not serve your purpose.

Third but not the least, don’t be selective, do 100% course contents of the subject with in the class itself.

Our focus at Ajay Verma Publications is to provide our students with the best education and to prepare them for rewarding careers.
Successful people are not born; they are made, shaped and moulded. Becoming successful is a skill and like any other skill, you can learn about it from books but you cannot have perfection without practice.



arun verma books
Arun Verma books
Arun Verma books
Arun Verma books


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Mobile: +91-9810046270, 7838768518

Ph. No. : 011-25880530 , 011-25880531

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