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Nursery Admissions 2011

Updated on: Feb 14, 2013

Nursery admission no longer a child’s play

This day, some 20 years back: KGB gave nightmares to people of one nation, and Aditya Singh did his first jig. While a lot of information regarding the former can be found, we shall enlighten you about the latter, here. Aditya distinctly remembers his first interview. It involved a mere 5 questions, 3 of which revolved around my name and 2 around his home. With one minor blemish (about his name), he felt he had aced the interview. The four year old “cool” Aditya did a 1.37 second jig, when his mother announced, rather nonchalantly, that he had been accepted to Kindergarten. End of story!

This day, last year: Aditya's cousin brought a huge pile of (crumpled) papers that she victoriously declared was worth a day’s leave. Was she planning to be a junk dealer? He thought to myself. On enquiring, she drew the curtains to a close, came close to him, and whispered, “I have bought the admission forms, brochures and questionnaires of 4! different schools, all in a matter of 5 hours!” Then she went on to explain the pains of a parent, which resulted in a jaw drop so big, that children used it as a place to play hide and seek for 3 whole days, before my prosthodontist fixed it. This story, apart from having a huge effect on Aditya's jaw, also made him (re)learn the impact of KG-B, A, D and the entire alphabet on the people of one nation.

For the uninitiated, we shall try to describe the admission process first:

To be a simple admission form, a pile has to be at least one and a half times the length of Mt. Wycheproof, must utilize 2 whole cartridges of printer ink and must include questions about your family that would baffle even father Adam.

The procedure itself, keeping in mind the IT boom, and the algorithm designers it has parturitioned, is cryptic enough that all IT professionals combined or everyone alone, must not be able to solve the riddle. Phase one is the selection criteria. There are points for being a girl, second child, and living a stone’s throw from the school. We asked little Mickey (4), the only child of Mr and Mrs. Kumar who live in an area with no good private schools around, about what he thinks, and his “pbbt” (poke tongue) made us stand and applaud. Little Mickey loves to play a robber, in the game of cops and robbers, and we thank him for taking time out from his busy schedule to talk to us.

Another logical point in the selection criteria is more points for single parents. Of course, that is a brilliant point. We can imagine how hard it must be for single parents. In an unrelated news, we found out that divorce cases are on a rise during January, February and March, while most re-marriages occur in a period immediately after the nursery admission procedure ends. Funny that. No?

Phase two involves an “interaction” with the, hold your breath, parents! Based on what they did last summer, and what their parents did, back in the summer of 69, Little Adi gets admission to, wait for it, Kindergarten! So, when Anjali and her husband thought 3 would be their daughter’s age by which she would start sleeping properly, after having changed four million, 39 thousand six hundred and forty seven nappies every day, the nursery admissions process is proving them wrong.

Ah! How I sometimes wish the simpler times did not end.

Of late, Nursery Admissions has become a subject of concern for parents in Delhi. Issues varying from age criterion to points system (and its format) to where to apply to what to prepare for the interaction round to important dates have kept parents on their toes. Taking days off from work just to submit a form or an “interaction” process, too, has not helped their cause. While the young ones, oblivious to the entire process, do not have a clue about one of the biggest steps in their lives – the start of their education.

Nursery Admissions Delhi 2011Understanding the plight of the parents, NNE has tried to simplify the process of nursery admissions in Delhi and provide them with all the information at one place. The following pages aim to guide the parents about the nursery admission process.

"Contrary to several media reports earlier, the admission schedule has been made common for all schools this year and all schools will have to abide by it. If any school fails to follow the admission schedule, the Directorate of Education will take action against them." - Delhi Education Minister Mr. Arvinder Singh LovelyDelhi Education Minister Mr. Arvinder Singh Lovely


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