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Updated on: Feb 14, 2013
Presented below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Delhi University Admissions.


Q. Can I apply to all the colleges of my choice by filling up the common admission form?
Ans. Yes, you can. Common Admission Form is good enough for applying to all DU affiliated colleges except St Stephen’s and Jesus and Mary College.

Q. What is the process of cancellation of admission?
Ans. For cancellation of admission from a course, candidates who want to cancel their admission, must give an application in the college stating the reason why they want the cancellation of their admission.

Q. Can I take admission in DU if my mark sheet hasn’t reached school even though the results are available online?
Ans. The original documents are needed at the time of admission. If at that time your original mark sheet isn’t available, you may submit an application, attested by your school principal. Rest is upto the discretion of the college.

Q. What are the documents that I need to attach with my application?
Ans. You do not have to attach any documents with your application form. Original certificates and mark sheets will be verified only at the time of admission.

Q. Does DU provide a course in Biotechnology?
Ans. No. DU doesn't have any course for Biotechnology.

Q. Which colleges in DU offer Microbiology?

Q. Can a student pursue another degree course while pursuing a degree at DU?
Ans. No, a student can't pursue another full time degree course while doing BA from the University. But a student can do an add-on course or a part time course.

Q. I have compartment, can I still apply for University admissions?
Ans. Candidates having compartment in one subject only, can apply for admission in colleges under Delhi University. Provisional admission may be granted in such a case, subject to qualifying the examination subsequently. However, compartment candidates can’t apply for honors courses.

Q. I have a gap year. Will it affect my chances?
Ans. University of Delhi considers gap year students at par with other current year students with regard to their cut-off percentages unless any particular college has stated any particular rule in their prospectus.

Q. If I get my class 12 paper re-checked, Will it affect my chances of admission?
Ans. You have to take admission on the basis of current marks. Once your result of revaluation is out, you can inform the colleges about your revised score and attach a copy of your mark sheet as a proof. This may affect your admission only if there’s a deduction in marks.

Q. I have taken admission in a college in the first list and later I am eligible for a better college/course in the second list, can I opt for the better course/college?
Ans. Candidates must secure a seat in the first cut off list. Subsequently, if you get a course/college of your choice in the second cut off list, you can withdraw from the previous college and take admission the next college.

Q. Is admission to B.El.Ed available only for girls?
Ans. Yes. This course is available only in girl’s colleges.

Q. Can I apply twice through DU's Online/Offline Application?
Ans. Multiple applications made by a candidate through online/offline mode (duly paid) are accepted for the purpose of admission (no application/s shall be rejected).

Q. If I am eligible for admission to two colleges in the 1st cut off, can I take admission in both colleges to reserve my seat? Will photocopies of my certificates work in the college?
Ans. No, you are not allowed to take admission in two colleges. During admission you will need originals.

Q. Is there any age bar for applying to DU affiliated colleges?
Ans. Age is no bar for applying to DU programs. All applicants are treated at the same level and admission is purely based on merit.

Q. Are marks deducted from students coming from a different board other than CBSE?
Ans. DU does not deduct marks from students coming from boards other than CBSE.

Q. When can I apply for hostel accommodation?
Ans. You have to apply in a separate form of the college for hostel accommodation. However, you must note that, a college seat will not guarantee a seat in the hostel.

Q. How must foreign students apply to University of Delhi?
Ans. Foreign students can contact: The Deputy Dean Foreign Students', North Campus, University of Delhi. Phone (-91-11) 27666756. E-Mail : [email protected]


Q. Do I need to apply in a different form for CATE (Common Aptitude Test for English)?
Ans. Yes, for admission to all programs where admission is through entrance exam, you have to apply separately.

Q. Where can I procure my CATE form?
Ans. CATE forms will be available in all colleges that are part of the test.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for CATE?
Ans. If you have secured 60% in aggregate and at least 60% in English, you will be eligible to apply for CATE.

Q. What is the pattern for CATE?
Ans. There are two parts to the test: objective and subjective. The test carries a weightage of 70% while class 12 marks are given 30% weightage.


Q. Which are the subjects that I should include in the best of four?
Ans. The best of four subjects should include one language and three relevant subjects. For example if you are applying for Zoology or Botany (H) you need to have Biology in class 12 and tow other relevant subjects, besides a language.

Q. Is computer science included in best of four?
Ans. Computer science is listed as an elective subject.

Q. Can Sanskrit elective be considered as one of the best four subjects including English?
Ans. Yes. The best 4 percentage is calculated by taking one language and 3 elective subjects.

Q. Can more than one Language be included in best of four?
Ans. For computing the Best four Subjects (1 Language and 3 electives) combinations, the language can be any of the core languages including Sanskrit. If, besides the core language, a candidate as an elective has taken another language, it can be counted as one of the three best subjects.

Q. Can two languages be included in the best of four?
Ans. Yes, two languages can be included in the best of four only if one language out of the two is a core subject and other has to be an elective. Two core languages cannot be included. Eg: English could be core and Hindi needs to be elective in order to be eligible. As the medium of instructions in DU is mostly English, so if any other language other than English is included 2% are deducted.


Q. Does DU provide reservation for Delhi students?
Ans. No. DU is a central university so it does not give reservation to Delhi students, but 2% to 5% reservation is given by some colleges to girls so that they are encouraged to take admission in the co-ed colleges.

Q. Suppose, there is only one seat in the ECA category and after applying under this category, I don’t get a seat, would I be considered in the general category?
Ans. Yes. if you don’t get through either ECA quota or Sports quota, you are still eligible for general category.

Q. For securing admission through sports or the extra-curricular quota do we need to fill a separate form?
Ans. For getting admission through Sports Quota or Extra-curricular Quota, students should fill the separate form of the college in which they like to take admission through the quota.

Q. Do I have to go for trials in all colleges for applying through the sports quota?
Ans. No. Starting this year, DU is centralizing the trial procedure of students seeking admission through Sports Quota.

Q. What is the criteria for distribution of marks for admission under sports quota?
Ans. Please check the following link for distribution of marks for admission under Sports Quota. (Admission through Sports Quota)

Q. What all certificates are required for taking admission through the sports quota?
Ans. One should have the certificates for his/her performance at the zonal, state, national, international level. The candidate must have also a won a position to secure admission under this category.

Q. Is horse-riding a part of sports quota?
Ans. No, horse riding is not considered by any of the DU Colleges under Sports Quota.

Source : Delhi University
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